Marina Boudin

Date of birth : 04/08/1997

Mail :

Pseudo Github : MarinaBoudin

PhD Student in BPH center, team ERIAS : Team ERIAS

Internship at the research center Bordeaux Population Health

Computationnal approach for drug repositioning
With Gayo Diallo

The use of a knowledge graph about drugs and diseases to predict potential drugs for drug repositioning

Internship at LaBRI 2019

Deep learning neural network
With Beurton-Aimar Marie

Building a website able to use excel file and start a deep neural network pipeline with pytorch.

Internship at LaBRI 2018

Modelisation of macromolecules movement
With Beurton-Aimar Marie

Modelisation on Netlogo of succinate deshydrogenase, III complex and associated reactions in the membrane.


1. Boudin, Marina. « Computational Approaches for Drug Repositioning: Towards a Holistic Perspective Based on Knowledge Graphs ». Proceedings of the 29th ACM International Conference on Information & Knowledge Management, ACM, 2020, p. 3225‑28, doi:10.1145/3340531.3418510.